Saturday, June 16, 2018

Weight for it...

The Dick Koch Trophy (awarded sorta-annually for the Seeger Olympics competition) is not unlike the House Cup of Hogwarts. 

Points can often come from anywhere - unexpectedly.  The guiding principle (there are few rules and no laws in the Seeger Olympics, methinks) is fair play.

The World Cup picks are in, with the champs being selected:

Andy took England, Brooke - Uruguay, Joel - Belgium, Claire - Switzerland, Davin - Portugal, Kylie - Brazil, Tim - Mexico, Jen - Iceland!

Jen's inspired pick led to a Lovable Loser's event, where each contestant picks a team with less than 1% chance to win the World Cup (according to FiveThirtyEight, the site that makes the improbable unlikely).  No one has yet selected their underdog yet, although they are up for grabs (excepting Iceland, who only Jen can pick until noon on Sunday, because of her bold selection in the first event).

This leads me to two questions for consideration... Unbalanced Justice & Weighting for Events:

The Scales of Justice are an interesting metaphor.  We think of it symbolizing that all are equal in the eyes of the law (although justice is also meant to be blind).  What's interesting about the old-timey scales that we generally associate with justice is that they have built-in weights.  One can 'tip the scale' as it were.  Just like Jen has additional time to choose Iceland because of her boldness, so too advantage should be given to the worthier case.

With a myriad of competitors in this year's SeegerOlympics, I am also curious about exploring the idea of weighted events.  If all 8 of us play Trivial Pursuit with 2 teams of 4, should 4 points be awarded (1 to each winning team member)?  If so, what about an event like the WC picks.  Assuming nobody has picked the winner (Germany, after all remains unselected), there will almost certainly be a tie.  Should all of those tied for the lead get a point or divide one point into fractions (i love the idea of fractional points).  Weighted events where we all compete (say worth 8 total points, or 4, or maybe 10) would allow for sub-group events (Joel & Brooke & Kylie & Andy & Tim) could be for just one point, and that would allow for many sub-group events, but still the big points at stake for the all-competitor events.

Not sure how it would work, but i'm sure we could figure it.


Sunday, May 27, 2018

Look for an all-new, exciting-as-ever, reinvigorated Seeger Olympics, 2018 edition.

We will see exactly which Seegers want to be involved for this seven-month event, beginning in June and running until December 31, 2018. We do know that some (all) of the next generation -- Kylie, Davin, Claire -- are interested in being a part of it.

Details to follow...

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Back at it?

Tim declared a 4-person event betwixt Andy, Tim, Kylie & Joel. A coaster toss, innocent enough, but enough, perhaps to re-start the whole thing again. 

Tim won his coaster game and then Joel called a derivation of Tumblin' Dice between the same four competitors. Andy won that event, and he and Tim took an early lead in the 2016 competition. 

Rules will be that any 3 Seeger Competitors from at least two different towns can compete in official events. There will need to be an appeals process at year end if some competitors aren't able to compete in enough events to be able to win the overall competition. 


Sunday, August 16, 2009

just as a reminder

I know there has been some (a lot) some (very little) interest in how to submit a Seeger Olympic Event (and then actually have said event selected for a competition). So, this post will serve as a final decisiory ruling.

The best way to get an event selected is to submit it to the blog, via a comment. In the comment, make sure you make it clear how many/who the event is for (that is, is it a 5 person event, or just a Tim v. Brooke). Also, plan for tiebreakers if a tie is at all likely, and be specific as to how the event will be scored.

The basic rule is that at least half of the participants must agree to a suggested event, but to date, no event submitted to the seegerOlympics blog has been turned down. So, get involved.

(note: if your event will cost significant amounts of money {say you want to set up a scavenger hunt across Europe}, feel free to donate to the SeegerOlympics fund... just leave change on the sidewalk... i'm sure we'll come across it.)

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

such a Shame, Shane, Shame

Last week, somehow, i was defeated by Andy in two separate sporting events... Golf & Basketball. I still have not as yet come to terms on how this happened, but it did.
With golf, i can somewhat accept the events as they've unrolled. I am uttlerly crap at golf. Though I do it somewhat often, and really enjoy it... i suck at it. (Take my recent conversation with Jackman as evidence:
Joel: Hey Chris, sorry I missed you last week for that round of golf. I just played my first round of the year last weekend & shot a 72.
Jackman: Oh, maybe we can't play together, man.
Joel: 72 on a 9-hole course...
Jackman: Oh, maybe we can't play together... man?
During my losing round to Andy, i shot a 12 on the second hole (literally 6 straight shots into the woods/field on the right) and got a ball stuck in a tree on hole 6. (I know it was stuck because i played it out, much to the chagrin of the mamaDove there in the tree).
But then, to lose at 1-on-1 basketball was truly a shame. Andy, impossibly, kept hitting three-pointers. Of course he'll tell you he "always" hits threes, but after such a long time since shooting around, I think it's quite astounding...
I did manage to still come away from the day with a pretty commanding lead, winning at H-O-R-S-E, the 'hand-slapping game' (the contest is still open, by the way, for anyone looking for a rice-cooker), several strategy/board games & (of course) any video games we happened to play, but the overall shame of losing two 'skill sports' games in a row, pretty well guarantees me choosing the 'run around the block' event sometime in the near future...

This is, by the way, an event that will bear watching. The premise is that two competitors run around the seeger Block in Clinton (Highland-High-Westview-Milwaukee) in opposite directions. The first one back to the starting point wins. It's oft been a 'joked-about' event for Andy & Jen, but Andy got a bit cocky during his recent wins and insinuated the potential to beat me at the event... Though I informed him this was impossible... the basketball & golf were similarly supposed to be impossible. So... game on.

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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

It's been Official

Though Andy has yet to add on to the trophy, the official winner for the 2008 SeegerOlympics was joel. By a slightly embarrassing method of winning enough of the individual events (J v. B, T v. A v. J, J v. J v. B v. A, etc).

His victory celebration/announcement/hidden-away handing off of the trophy took place earlier in the year, but it's time to officially announce it here. New year, 2009 events are underway (evidently)...

Brooke & Joel (for example) have played Ms. Pac-Man at the Afton House Inn and the radio game on the way to Clinton...

A couple events have been called as including anyone who played. I think the NCAA tournament determined a point (is that over yet? i wasn't really paying attention). And theoretically, someone chose the Oscars.

All in all, it's been a fairly slow year, on pace to be as big as last year. Which wasn't all that big. Remember, SeegerOlympic fans, to submit your events in the comments section. So, that's that.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Before it's too late...

The winner of the 2007 Seeger Olympics was Andy.

Congratu- lations, Andy.

Here is a picture of Andy.

It was a hard-fought year & the trophy was only delivered to the champ in November (i'm looking at you, tim).
The year marked just the second in which women were allowed to compete, but continued to successfully lose the seegerOlympics, not because they can't win (that would be sexist), but simply, perhaps, because they won't win.

This year seems no different, with a tight 5-way race, but joel seeming to be solidly ahead in the individual events.

(notice: both the nutckrackers & the relative size of andy's watch are of interest in this photo. Also, obviously, the t-shirt. The SeegerOlympics blog will host its first ever contest... In the comment section, be the first to correctly identify the t-shirt andy is wearing and you will be sent a genuine, bona fide San Francisco souvenier picked out by three of the participants on New Year's Eve Day 2008... Good Luck - oh, and people wearing the shirt in this photograph are not eligble to win).